Project: Masza Website

Masza website is a business card website for a small foreign language school in Olsztyn where I take my Russian classes online. Their old website was seriously outdated and unfriendly for mobile devices, and it had a strong negative emotional effect. I agreed to do this website for free as it seemed to be a nice simple project with a purpose where I could learn something new along the way.

After a little research I decided to use pure HTML, CSS powered by bootsrapp, and PHP for templating and server-side scripts since it appeared to be a very simple to setup. Having no prior knowledge of PHP and hearing a lot of mockery about it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the PHP community is very active. New language features keep being added and there is good documentation provided online. It was very pleasant to learn that web layout has finally advanced past dirty hacks with floats and tables and now has a modern flexbox and grid display modes.

It did not take long to get the new website done and deployed in the cloud. Over time, I have also added internationalization using the gettext library and later installed Wordpress to enable teachers to write their own news and messages.

Source code - Masza Website