Sollers Consulting

Software developer
2016 - present
Java Gosu ANTLR Guidewire Selenium Jakarta EE OSGi Apache Kafka

Sollers consulting is an IT consulting company that supports clients in the insurance and banking sector. One type of their projects is to lend developers to help their client implement core ERP solutions, which is what I do currently.

I have had the pleasure to partake in multiple major projects in Belgium, Germany, Japan, and other countries. Despite only having very fundamental training when I first started the job, I quickly learned and grew more confident, which earned me the role of tech leader and allowed me to manage small groups of developers.

During my days in Sollers, I have learned a lot of about the Java world. Among the countless tasks that I have been given in Sollers, a few that I found the most interesting are listed below.

  • create lexer/parser for an internal static code analysis tool
  • integrate ERP to provide SSO using SPNEGO/Kerberos protocols
  • integrate ERP with Apache Kafka clusters to act as both consumer and producer
  • integrate ERP with MS ADFS to provide SSO using SAML protocol
  • implement batch processing routines for file-based integrations with local national standards, e.g. Schadennetz, Zentralruf