Liceum Ogólnokształcące Księży Pallotynów w Chełmnie

Mathematics & Physics
2008 - 2011

I spent three years in a private catholic high school in my hometown. One thing about catholic schools is that they are great for losing all devotion, which I did not have much of to begin with.

Back then I was already fixated on math and computer science, so I did relatively poorly in other subjects. I owe a big thanks to my math and computer science teachers: MSc Marian Kaliszer and Tomasz Sitek.

Politechnika Warszawska

Mathematics and Information Technologies
Computer Science (in Polish)
2011 - 2016

University days were hard. After failing my first exams, I realized that however I was studying up until now was not the right way. In other words, I noticed I need to learn how to study. It was then that I embraced books, started reading titles in English, and started testing my mind more often than it would even like.

It was the university days that changed my mind and made me believe that standing still is dreadful and one must always develop and learn new things.